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31 December 2010 @ 04:34 pm
JiLLiaN AsHLeY: sign-in

~*~ Hi-hi!! Welcome to my journal... Feel free to browse my entries..
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JiLLiaN AsHLeY: sign-in
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30 December 2010 @ 07:24 pm

 Warning: these fics are UNbeta-ed.... so please bear with my typographical and grammatical errors.. thank you...

{Akame Fics}

:+Multi-chapter Fics+:

Remedy for the Broken Faith (On-going)

~Jin decided to study in L.A. He promised to his best friend, Kame, that he will come back after six months. Five years had passed and still, Jin hadn’t come back. Kame, knowing that Jin will come back one day, still waited patiently. Everyday, Kame keep his faith for Jin’s promise, even though it has been broken for a long time. Then one day, Jin came back from L.A. Kame was so happy to found out about Jin’s return. But to Kame’s innocence, Jin already had a girlfriend and he brings her to Japan. What will happen if Kame found out about Jin having a girlfriend without even telling to him? How will he deal with it? How will their friends react about Kame’s behavior? How will Jin remedy Kame’s broken faith?

Chapter One ) = Chapter Two ) = Chapter Three ) = Chapter Four ) = Chapter Five ) = Chapter Six: Part A ) ( Part B ) = Chapter Seven ) = Chapter Eight ) Chapter Nine: Part A )Part B )

I Do (On-going)

~ Jin is happy about his oh-so-called “normal life” until his mom announced that he’s future had been decided before he was born. Jin didn’t mind what he’s mom said since he thinks that his mom is just joking. But what will happen if he found out that his mom is telling the truth? And how will he face his everyday life if he’s going to live with his “future wife”? Will he accept the future that had been plan for him or will he find a way to change it?

Chapter One: My Fianc�e?  ) 
Chapter Two: Stupid Promise  )
Chapter Three: Annoying Mother + Annoying Cousin = Insane Jin and Frustrated Kame )
Chapter Four: Sleep Tight, Don't Let The 'Bed Bug' Bites )

Chapter Five: Bad Day for Little Kame
Part A )( Part B )
Chapter Six: My Sleeping Issues Part A )Part B )
Chapter Seven: Reiko and Her Insensitive Side )
Chapter Eight: Defensively Falling )

Love and Revival (On-going)

~ What if one day, you can no longer recall most of your memories? Will you try to find what you have lost, even though you know it will be difficult for you? And how on earth will you live in a place together with a person you barely knew, insisting that he is your husband? Well, Kazuya have these problems. He doesn't remember most of his memories. He can't recall since when did he had a husband. Because, he certainly knows that he's a straight, decent guy. With all the questions and doubts in the world, will Kazuya finally recall all of his lost memories before everything were too late?
I : Honey? )

:+Song Fics+:

Forget About Me (Finished)

~After Jin left Kame without any explanation, Kame starts to blame himself. A few months later, Kame found Jin being with somebody else. He thought the Jin had already forgotten about him.
( Part I ) = Part II ) = Part III )



Left Behind

~Jin was left by Kame without giving him reasons. Now, that years had passed, Jin decided to talk to his ex-lover. But what will happen if Jin found out something that made a very great impact on his life? How will he accept the fact that Kame had died years ago? That Kame had kept his illness secret to Jin.
Read more... )



Lost of Words (Finished) HayaRyu

~Not everyone has the courage to confess. Not every confession recieves a sweet and positive answer, yes. Bot all people who love each other will end up being together. And not every love story will end up happily.

...And not every love story will end up happily... )

Defeated By Fate

~Will you still continue to fight, if you know that you wouldn'y really stand a chance? Will you try to move on, if you still love the person? Will you forget the past, if you know that it's the only way to get into the future? And will you still try to love, if you know that it's really wrong?

If only I'm still allowed to love you... )


Behind My Smile (Finished)

~Freya is a good friend of Liam. She likes Liam ever since, but she doesn't have the courage to tell it to her friend. Liam, on the other hand, have feelings for Freya's cousin, Erika. He asked his Freya for help. He wants Freya to help him on courting Freya's cousin. This breaks Freya's heart. But being Liam's childhood friend, she didn't refused instead she help him. How long will Freya keep her feelings? How will she handle the pain she bears? What's gonna happen between Liam and Freya?
Chapter 1 ) = Chapter 2 ) = Chapter 3 )


Secret Love (Finished)

~Nixon had a secret crush on Paolo. He doesn’t tell it to anyone except to his best friend, Alethea. But what will happen if he finds out Paolo’s feelings for him? And who’s this King? Is he just a friend to Paolo and Nixon or more than that? And how will Alethea help these poor guys?
Chapter 1 ) = Chapter 2 ) = Chapter 3 ) = Chapter 4 )Chapter 5 ) =Chapter 6 )

{Future Fics}


First Glance

My Novelist Prince, Your Noblest Knight

Affectionate Turtle

Patient In Love

Please Stay

Love Never Gets Old

White Lies

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